What is the three day rule of dating Dating myths debunked: the ‘3 day rule’

What is the three day rule of dating, myths of dating: is the 2-day rule really true?

Three days is still a good response time in my book.

What Is the Three Day Rule?

If you truly have a great time with a girl, following up the next day or 2nd day after is fine. Even if the male enjoyed the outting with the female, he proceeds to wait 7 days flashbacks of The Ring, anyone? Here are seven dating not rules you should actually follow:. The rule states that you should always wait three days before calling a girl.

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I think he is trying to turn the tables a little bit. You can still text him back and say how you somehow missed seeing it. What Is the Three Day Rule?

If someone claims it as theirs, but doesn't eat it within three days, it's fair game.

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But, by not answering, what were you hoping to convey? Want more insightful dating advice like this? I think he may be playing a game or just be a wimp.

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Hey man, have you called Clarisse? If you wait 3 days, you may have lost emotional momentum and it may be harder for her to recall the attraction she felt, depending on how well you did when you first met! How is calling a girl desperate?

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Sorry babethree day rule. Girls are onto these rules.

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And, as I gently and carefully told my PT buddy, that immaturity and impoliteness was reflected in his attitude. Now free to communicate I'm a: I should wait to respond.

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