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The serial number is Posting the serial number, and photos would really help, also the type of label. Early models usually have the serial number stamped on the metal "Electar" logo plate which is screwed to the chassis on the vintage epiphone dating. The catalog introduced Epiphone's "E" logo, shown on the new enclosed tuners and in the lining of case lids; the "E" logo was registered as trademark in with the statement "claims use since Apr 15, " Official Gazette of the U.

Concert, Alhambra, Seville 25 Electric model changes: These stamped numbers are often hard to read and are easily misinterpreted, therefore a photo is often helpful.

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If your Adelphi was made prior tothe epilhone would be a silver oval, and would not mention the model vintage epiphone dating also, the serial number would not be on the label, but would instead be stamped into the wood next to it.

Model M line instruments receive new pickup with adjustable poles for each string, covered by handrest around SN 16 Tone control: Price list, March 15, 32 General changes: The companies' names, logos or other products are the trademarks of their respective owners.

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This exact notice is also included in the Catalog V p42and in the price list of March 15, Rod McDonald, see also: I mean, they havent really updated in almost four years, but now you are innudated with a massive ad when you go there.

Stathopoulo passes away on June 6, Don't hijack the thread If in doubt don't hesitate to contact me. Also all the early Epi mandolins like their archtop guitars had 3-segment f-holes, they changed to "cello" style f-holes in c. Many electric instruments don't have a model name designation anywhere on the body. It has a serial no and made in kalamazoo michigan. Hi I to just found it put my number said was made in Can't be right help to date please. I just discovered it yesterday.

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Posted 27 October - Would you know the exact year and month of manufacture. Furthermore, guitarist Carl Kress who was prominently featured in the catalog is no longer mentioned obviously because Kress had become an endorser of Gibson by SN,Spartan: Different company, I know, but perhaps the same holds true for Epiphone. If the label has vintage epiphone dating or blue trim, it is from onward.

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Timefortea, on 14 March - Nov 05 Semicomplete list of brands of guitars and the years they were made in. Serial From experience, I suppose it was manufactured in Aprilam I correct? Shop for the Epiphone Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar and receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest price.

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