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Speed dating over 50 edmonton

Yup, you've been caught red-handed. No one, regardless of age, can expect to make rude comments and generalizations about people and not expect to get any responses from those who were targeted.

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Found it somewhere here hidden with the money Matty put on your body. I KNOW my thread wasn't insulting--I deliberately wrote it that way probably the reason why you didn't feel inclined to post ; yet, nevertheless, I received various derogatory comments from various people telling me that my age restrictive event was insulting. My two cents worth!

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Perhaps you should get off your sanctimonious pedastool, meet up with SQO who can read a few definitions to you. As this is not a chat line, I cannot make any suggestions, but, certainly have some. As for the get together: It's a great idea It seems around here that people will support whatever gets planned - it's what I love about this group of people.

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I'm relating from personal experience check out the detours in the get together thread. Good luck to getting your event started and I hope all goes well. Page 2 of 2.

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Instead of complaining about people who are not the same age as you, simply go ahead and make plans for specific age group activities Find something that interests you and go for it. Are there any events still going on? Just because we are over 50, does not dating sites for trinidadians that we are over the hill, it just means that WE get lonely too, and have learned to respect, and find good in everyone, regardless of age, but yes, there is definitely a great need for a Social Gathering other than Seniors Centers for over 50's.

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Let's open a thread for our genration, how speed dating over 50 edmonton a get to gether for over 50 people something more to our speed than in a bar for a change ,let's put our heads together and work on this. Next time, try not to be as negative and abrasive, you'll attract less unwanted commentary with that approach.

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I didn't call myself the chunky monkey for no reason. I will definitely be an effort to be there, as I do have speed dating over 50 edmonton Although I do find it amusing that you would call people in their 30's and 40's immature and tell them to grow up.

Well, I think everyone knows my opinion on this as I'm one of the ones Oli is referring to. Most people let subjectivity influence their thoughts, ignoring obvious meaning and temperment. Moreover, it's obvious that I wasn't condoning his rudeness, I was simply trying to give him helpful advice to minimize such an upheavel, all the while mentioning the point that keeping it neutral doesn't automatically prevent unrelated criticism.

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How sad, that, at their age, they cannot find something more constructive to do Or better yet, ignore them, and eventually they'll lose interest and leave. Even though this thread will become convoluted with crap, stick with it, and have a great time at your event.

So when are you going to practice what you preach?