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The first game consisted of drawing five random cards where we each had to classify them as most important to least.

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Two sessions, each with participants, were held as part of the popular annual Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. One key point is the required presence of a chaperon when two strangers of the opposite sex are conversing with each other.

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Please upgrade your browser. I attended one; ok maybe more like five in the last three years.

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There were five large groups of tables in the room, we used only two and even then there were vacant seats at the occupied ones. The ones I attended were held in mosques or Islamic events.

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Chaperons would also be welcomed. EliteSingles logo Muslim dating. Micallef Tory's Toronto Enough with the data, we already know bike lanes work: Status message Your comment has been queued for review by site administrators and will be published after approval.

It's like speed dating, but steeped in the Muslim faith.

You are a natural leader. Share via Email Print. Equally fitting is the fact that online dating may well be the best way to find a long-term partner; with a Harvard based research team recently discovering that marriages which begin with a couple meeting online stand a speed dating muslim toronto chance of lasting than those which begin offline. Like everything else in life, I knew finding my life partner would take effort, tenacity and patience. So, where can Canadian Muslims speed dating muslim toronto spiritual singles and find a faith-filled, joyous partnership?

More proof we're having a banner year for hate in Canada: I shrugged, this seemed to be a very common occurrence at these kind of events. Yes, if done correctly. This is to ensure that there is no hanky panky pretend I said that in a desi accent. He joked they must have had cold feet last minute.

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Some of the reasons are common for both genders. We were soon placed in groups to play icebreaker style games to really get a feel for each other.

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Sanam Islam Metro,Published on. Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. At a restaurant you are the waiter.

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This was a special weekend, Muslim Fest was taking place. How Rob Shostak's city-centric Halloween costumes are a love letter to Toronto. Muslim Speed Dating; sounds like an oxymoron considering the popular view point in Islam which states that it is not permissible.

I will compassionately offer a minute to those laughing hysterically to catch their breath… Ok, ready now?