Rn52 hookup guide Rn52 hookup guide

Rn52 hookup guide

If yes, could you please provide details about RN52 configuration, your Arduino code and the physical connections? I don't mind reading and learning how, I'm just stuck!

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I was able to connect to the RN52 with my computer and through CoolTerm I was able to answer a call, end a call, make a call, etc. Upon further searching I located some useful information about how to connect the RX pins on each device.

And of course, if you have input, please let me know!! Thanks in advance for your help. If more information is needed from me like what I currently have configured, let me hookup guide.

I will also keep this post updated as I come to resolution to help those in the future reading it. Here is the RN52 manual if needed: But obviously that defeats the purpose of Bluetooth! My question is likely straight forward however being new, I am slightly confused on how to handle it.

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Hi all, Santa got me some confusing toys this year! I will be trying this later. Thank you in advance!

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Hi ben, Were you able to establish communication between Arduino and RN52?