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Let me take you shopping! If you would like to contact me regarding my matchmaking or date coaching services, email me at Laura singleinthecity. Love and loneliness are terrifying—I am personally familiar with that terror—and the world is full of people who want to capitalize on the desperation of the insecure.

I asked her if there was anything she sensed that was holding me back. There was a wide gulf between the league of women who had a full dance card and me, for whom endless dates felt like a chore.


Fresh From The Blog. May 1, If someone rejects you, it probably doesn't reflect on you or that person. Jones works one on one with her clients, who at this point have all been heterosexual men looking to have relationships with women. Attraction is way more like magic than science.

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Quit blaming us because you're unhappy. If a personal dating advisor wants to be your friend, that is a good thing —because a woman is a person and people are friends with each other.

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It's intangible and surprising and there is no formula. She has been coaching singles professionally for many years and will draw on her extensive background as an expert in the field of personal dating advisor.

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We think that we are listening to ourselves but the truth if we all have an inner voice that runs us. The man who grilled me about my personal habits finally called to set up a date.

In October she brought in a few thousand, and November was when things started picking up. Well, I can help you find those mistakes so you can fix them and increase your dating success!!

Here are some things Laura can help you out with:

Yes, it is nice to feel pretty. But you don't get confidence from cheap tricks, you get it from dealing with your shit.

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Now I am so much more aware on my dates with women. There are two ways to not take rejection personally: The coach started our session by asking me to talk to her as if we were on a date. You have successfully emailed the post. I am always amazed when I see people transform and blossom by working with me and this is why I love being a coach.