Online dating weed smokers Potheads Finally Have Their Dating App

Online dating weed smokers

It is no longer necessary for you to sit through awkward dates because of course you are high with someone who is far too open for their dislike of weed.

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Culture 23 Nov, This one is a little less fancy from the a front of shop perspective, but offers all the same benefits of Mate as well. There are sites like Singles and My Matebut they're handicapped by abysmal design and amateur coding; one called Cupid never got around to sending me an activation email, even after two sign-up attempts.

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Culture 31 October, 5. Their community is an opportunity to connect with many other cannabis users, whether it is for romantic purposes or not. I don't realize the potential datings weed smokers of the chat request system until I wake up the following morning. Interviews 30 October, 5. Joining mate is free, so there is really no reason not to give it a try.


Culture 01 November, 5. I have a fancy vape because I got it for free, and an eighth will easily last me more than a month. Check out all of our Weed Week features.

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Culture 31 October, 3. You can connect to Mate here!

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You can fill out your own dating profile which allows you to be matched up with other cannabis lovers. Well, luckily there are many ways to make homemade bongs and pipes. There is a chat function to let you flirt with other marijuana lovers.

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These guys call themselves the cupids of cannabis and are currently the number 1 cannabis dating website. This website is easy to use and not overly complicated. Looking for new friends" well under the cheeky character limit.

I'm deeply connected with music, literature and the arts and I look to them in search of inspiration. After setting up an account I begin non-discriminately swiping right—which, as with Tinder, means you want to chat. There are now dating websites for those who appreciate having the presence of a third, Mary Jane, in their relationship.

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However, its user interface is very basic. Being able to participate in online dating in a community that you know is already friendly towards cannabis makes dating a whole lot easier.

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Number one person on my Wishlist to smoke a joint with: High There also cashes in on the simplicity that distinguishes Tinder from algorithmic sites like OKCupid: It clears the hurdles that many young-ish adults—having left the dating weed smokers campus or taken a job in an unfamiliar city—face in making new friends. High There is slicker: Extractions 23 Nov, Twitter facebook youtube instagram tumblr.

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Music Style Culture Video. Keep in mind that the website is run entirely by one person. Reviews 31 October, 4.