Love cell dating dna Love Cells (2014)

Love cell dating dna

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Also dispensing romantic advice in this web drama is a cat named Nevi. I'm liking the cast. Kim Woo bin is in it. Fans will have a lot to look forward to.

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How can I ever avoid this? The multi-talented idol sings, acts and composes songs, making him more than a serious threat to Ma Dae Choong's dreams of dating Seo Rin. Park Seon-ho takes on the role of Ma Dae-choong who has never been in an actually relationship and has been jobless for 9 years.

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Park Sun Ho will play the role of Ma Dae Choong who is unemployed, hasn't dated in 9 years, and wants to get out of his solo streak. Sign In Sign Up. The original web-toon was popular on the popular search portal Naver from to That's the question the fantasy web-toon "Romance Cells" asked its readers.

Two Drama at a time Jang Hyuk is in it3.

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Congrats to Kim Yoo Jung! Not only has he not had a date for nine years but he does not fall for just any woman. What does it mean by "web drama"? He expresses his passionate love for Seo Rin. Kim Woo Bin with Jang Hyuk are my favorite. Fantasy romantic comedy "Romance Cells" deals with the love story of an unemployed man Ma Dae-choong and top star Seo Rin. By nonski Started June 14, Naver's TV Cast tvcast. Quiet in personality, he specializes in martial arts and faces every situation with his charismatic actions.

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It is an impossible romance to begin love cell dating dna and the competition from Baek Sung Hyun does not help. November 3, Genre: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. JiHyun plays the top star Seo Rin. He was the only guy PSH has so much chemistry with.

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Is it some kind of special drama besides the other usual dramas? Viewers may also benefit from the advice that Ma Dae Choong gets from everyone around him.

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They were fabulous, unlike LMH with his zero chemistry and boring character. So will we be able to access this drama in the usual way? I want to see this! Posted September 21, By mysignisflower Started December 16, Kim Yoo Jung, also seen in "Golden Rainbow" and soon to be seen in "Secret Door," will play this fantastic feline mentor.