Just dating fanfiction Just dating fanfiction

Just dating fanfiction

Dating isn't in the cards for Annabeth Chase, not while she's working her way to a major promotion.

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Rock Lee is in love with Sakura, and Tenten is in love with Sasuke. She hadn't expected to get angry at him, but she also hadn't expected the idiot to try and break up with her.

A feeling settles over her that tonight has only started going her way.

Before Annabeth can react Percy slides his hands under her legs, lifting her up off him. When she came back from the date? Before Annabeth can say anything else Percy uses his free hand to push her onto her back, pressing his mouth between her legs.

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Do you remember just dating fanfiction Neji and Nerine first started dating? Jason isn't a complete dunce and whatever he comes up with will amaze Piper. The conversation stalls again and Annabeth wants to groan. Her heart drops and stomach fills with ice. She throws little love-struck looks Jason's way every once and a while, her lip pulled between her teeth.

Annabeth stands at the foot of the bed and gives him a teasing grin. It feels like nights spent in, childhood movies, and homemade dinners.

She fights the urge to put him out of his misery and say something, instead she'll let him bring something up. Login Stay on this Page.

Her friends, Jason and Piper, have other plans and decide to set her up on a blind date with Piper's friend, Percy in order to boost her love life. Login Stay on this Page. Piper walks directly into Annabeth, letting out a soft curse and stepping back.

She hangs up the phone and drops it back into her purse.

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You may want to start off with your name first next time, and does Tuesday work for you? Annabeth gnaws on the just dating fanfiction of her cheek for a second before squaring her shoulders and heading inside. And it would be nice to have someone to talk to about it. The admission hits her like a ton of bricks.

The smile Piper had a minute ago has been replaced with a tight lipped scowl. By the time Percy makes it to the bar- two minutes early to his credit- she's already finished half her first half her first glass of wine. Now that Annabeth is back, will old feelings reignite, or will her return be a bad thing for them just dating fanfiction After by hapan reviews She can remember thinking, four years ago now, that she didn't know if it hurt more being with him, or without him.

WWI is being fought and Percy answers the call to fight the Germans but what will happen to Annabeth when he goes off to fight? It seemed easier to just tell him that nothing was wrong, but something inside me told me not to.

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Not happening, Jackson," she says against his lips. I'm sorry, I ju-" " Stop talking.

Your review has been posted. Jay quirked his eyebrow at Carlos' disheveled state and chuckled lightly. Percy stares at them, mouth parted with a hunger in his eyes before dropping his mouth to the soft skin of her chest.

Everyone knew that Lee had been in love with Sakura from the first time he met her, and that he a dozen times had tried to win her heart and convince her to become his girlfriend.

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