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Cons ghddhddjdhajkdhajdhadh Summary I tried it but couldn't find answers to fewer questions which i am presently looking. The position of all the 12 planets at the time of birth are shown in a Kundli chart. In this system, human life span is assigned a possible total of years which is divided into rulership of 9 planets.

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Daily Horoscope In Urdu Rehan shah 1. For example monthly predictions says my Rahu in house 7 but this is wrong for Lagna, Moon chart and Navamsa, are you using another Kundili for predictions? To understand your birth chart kundali you need to check the following elements.

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Apart from 36 Points, this App also considers Mangal Dosha Manglik Hookup pass or Kuja Dosham compatibility and pronounces results by combining these two important factors.

The dasa results of a person depend upon the strength and position of planets and the strength of Yogas. Very bad I can't copy or share text from horoscope. It also makes predictions, analyzing the effect of current Dasha and Apahara. In Vedic astrology the two chart styles commonly used are — North Indian and the South Indian chart styles.

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I am going to write exams, i want to wear a free download kundli matchmaking software gemstone astrobix dot com i wanted to know which gemstone or ratna suits my kundali. Reply to this review Was this review helpful? Horoscope Ojas Softech Pvt Ltd 1.

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From our lucky numbers to personality traits and even our appearance, every imaginable angle of the user and their mate's Vedic astrology is shown. It can also generate a short compatibility report. First house lord, other than moon,9th and 5th lords in that order 10th, 7th and 4th lords in that orderwhen they are not natural benefics.

But little do you know that your fate has been pre-determined by the heavenly bodies. Whereas, the South Indian is a sign-based chart, meaning that the signs always stay in the same positions in the chart and the houses move.

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Astrology Ojas Softech Pvt Ltd 1. Within the Nakshatra Dasha system, free download kundli matchmaking software are variations assigning different cycle periods and the most popular system is based on a cycle of years which is called the Vimshottari Dasha System.

A Janam Kundali is generally based on date, time and place of birth of a person. The software identifies the combinations resulting in Yogas and explains its effects in your life.

Once the janam kundali birth chart is made, the next stage comes here, Interpreting the Kundli chart.

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Moon as lord of Lagna,Lords of 8th and 12th house; although the chapter mentions only Sun and Moon as having this property, but in principle it can be applied to each planet. This program's slightly confusing layout is overshadowed by its impressively in-depth results. Either you believe it or not, it wouldn't hurt to check them at least, right? To generate your free kundli, geographical location of birth place is to be known.

The steps to calculate mid points of other houses are:. This app also gives you detailed interpretation of Nadi Dosha, Bhakoot Dosha and some other important factors that needs to be considered in Vedic astrology.

The person will have no Manglik Dosa if Mars is positioned at own house Mesha or Scorpio or in its exalted position Capricorn.

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Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Yogas are certain combinations of planets in a Kundli which play a significant role in a person's life.

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When I try to put the city manually, it gives me Server error. This has me confused. A Sudarshana chakra analysis provides you interpretations of the influences of planets based on their positions. Offers detailed horoscope reports. How is a Kundali prepared and what details are required to prepare a Kundali? How to interpret and understand a Sudarshana chart in detail?

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