Dcuo pvp matchmaking Dcuo pvp matchmaking

Dcuo pvp matchmaking

New counter mechanics are terrible. DC Universe Online Forums. Or is it NOT done? He kills us once, so we plan the order to attack the component clowns.

No matchmaking for weekly heroic

PaperGirlMar 5, They decided to make DCUO into pokemon battles. Heck, maybe all year. Except for Mhun, who just leaves the group without a word and runs off to do something else.

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Or is there some matchmaking to get you paired up with peeps that have similar gear and mods? DarthDigglerMar 5, It's not their fault the PvP has become utter matchmaking, but I can't very well tell a developer how stupid the PvP is in the moment. Me, a pair of fantastic healers, and a tank named Mhun make it all the way to the crazy difficult end boss consisting of clowns made from different metals who then blend into one giant alloy clown. YuiMar 6, MadholmMar 5, And when you are 10 on Teamspeak with your league, trying to sync a 5vs5 matchqueuing exactly the same time for the 2 groupsfor the same mapyou don't have any popexcept if you try it 15 times.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. The launcher tells me nothing about the state of the game, so I have to log in to matchmaking out that servers are down. Share This Page Tweet. If you queue by yourself, the matchmaking will be random which means you'll be teamed up with random people that may or may not have pvp gear.

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What will you play in the weekend? Sony, showing that guy this stuff is your job, not mine. It suddenly looks a bit small. Right now, having hit the level cap where I can browse all the gear and instances and quests, I feel like I can see the whole game. There is no sense of a distant horizon with something cool on the other side, which is largely what drives an MMO. How is PVP Matchmaking done?

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Or some sort of league emblem. Just a little hint. I like that you have more in common with Crackdown, Infamous, or Prototype than you do with World of Warcraft or some sort of Aquaman comic book. VR - Is it really going to be a success?

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Give us some sort of option to advance our league. But once you fix chat, where speed dating cebuana that leave leagues? Functions and graphics of this forum may not work correctly, so please update to the most current!

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Hi, DC Universe Online! I logged on last night and the chat channel was being spammed with looping messages from a gold seller. However, there is no way to get information about what the different heroes do.