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These numbers are printed on the face of the dial and is usually visible.

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Vintage Timex watches have a good, solid history of being one of the most reliable and affordable timepieces, that still exists today. One is a manual wind which I don't know the age of, the other a automatic.

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Could be from the 70's? Whether you're a serious collector or just someone who loves the brand, it helps to understand the history and value of antique and vintage Timex watches. I forgot to mention the manual wind watch has a day and date display so there is a problem with that one.

Timex Watch History

Advertising The memorable marketing slogan "Timex takes a licking and keeps on ticking" was unleashed in the s and is still recognized today. Timex had a vast selection of character watches, but this particular vintage TV idol, seems to be the most popular in the line.

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Cheap old Timex watches. The word "Timex" is synonymous with the watch, and "Timex Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking" is the decades-old, well-known slogan for the brand. Register a new account. I own a new Seiko Premiere to work.

Value of Vintage Timex Watches

As a collector, you can't expect the value of these watches to fund your retirement, but the character and sentimental value they may hold for you, cannot be valued in dollars and cents. Then again- Timex seems to have retained online dating lesbian free same styling for sometimes datings old timex watches so who knows? I tried your suggestion but as I wind back past 12 the date goes back as well.

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One article I read said you can determine if a watch has radium by seeing if the letters "RA" were printed at the bottom of the dial in tiny letters. Mel will be along soon to provide everything you need to know about Timex, but for the time being, try this: I've read about radium before and after doing about an hour of research, not to mention countless forum posts on dating old timex watches forums, I've no clue as to even where to start to determine if mine has radium.

Thanks for the advice.

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The watch works amazingly well and tells perfect time. The value of most Timex watches is relatively low. Timex before will have the date stamped on the inside back.

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I must have worked on a thousand of them, and have seen some really in bad shape. Thus the watch is fine. Not a big one, but one just the same. If there is a serial number on the front, the date is the last two digits. If its sealed you're ok.

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