Dating kyungsoo would include What dating Kyungsoo (D.O) would be like:

Dating kyungsoo would include

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Not in voting for shows or streaming videos!! You drug your seemingly dead limbs from the sofa and shuffled into the dining area, which was separated from the kitchen by a chest-height bar.

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This post contains filtered tags View post. He hummed into the kiss, closing his eyes before immediately pulling away.

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Hello darling I got carried away a bit so I eventually listed a few single parent! JavaScript is required to view this site. Promotion or glorification of self-harm.

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It took quite some time for your boyfriend to become comfortable with the idea of skin ship, so whenever he beckoned for close contact, you were quick to jump at the opportunity. Kyungsoo hid your damn balsamic vinaigrette. Like they're married or something along those line?

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I forgot everything as soon as I made eye contact with Kyungsoo… I told him my wedding was in December and his eyes got even bigger as he congratulated me extremely earnestly haha. He chuckled as he fell back toward the counter, only to push himself from it again and move toward the stove.

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Log in Sign up. The dog-bird Kyungsoo got was the pug-bird! Originally posted by dodyo.

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Represent as a good fandom, Exo-ls, that truly and really love and support the group our fandom is based on. But supporting every dating kyungsoo would include in their personal decisions if it makes them happy.

Have you cotton to the joke? You crossed your arms and tilted your head as you watched him, enjoying being a spectator to his focus.

Dating Kyungsoo Would Include

You had to remind yourself of your actions or else you would easily forget with the sudden developments Kyungsoo had thrown in. Originally posted by essentyeol. You made a noise similar to being choked as he turned, finally noticing he had secured your lace and polka dot apron around his waist.

If you were the last man on earth, then I wouldn't exist.

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He jerked his head toward the oven, a silent sign that he wanted you by his side.