Dating a man with three baby mamas Dating A Man With 3 Baby Mamas

Dating a man with three baby mamas, this site is an illegal copy of (this site is not

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It rang and rang, but he would not answer. I can say for sure that I will always love my two kids mother. I'm good, one father one mother all four my kids don't have any half bro's or sisters. I found that bit of information out when we were at our year-old son's school watching him play in a basketball game.

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I don't know how he expects to get anywhere with anyone just being the way he is. Guys with lots of kids are barely able to contribute to his immediate family Delete Report Edit Reported.

I'm not depending on the government or anyone else for that matter. Absolutely no strings left! My baby dad and I were still having sex after we broke up, and got a new gf. If he sees himself as having been used as a "sperm donor" and then an "ATM" it is likely he will figure his kids will be taught at home to see him the same way "Mama" does.

Just don't lie about it lol. Why would it be any different for a man with multiple kids by multiple women? It's like they always have this secret love and "appreciation" for the fact that she birthed his kid s.

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Makes no sense bc his father wasn't in his life so why would he put our daughter through that knowing how it feels?! To this day I have my daughter more than her mother does. That why I never had children before marriage.

I have heard of a guy that has 22 kids with 14 different women.

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I don't think I could ever be in another relationship with another woman! Wasn't really my choice it ended but there was a lot of history there and we both made mistakes. I am dating this guy who has kids. Despite me feeling unwanted by him and desperately wanting to feel like I'm sexy and desirable I have never strayed or left.

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But I dating a man with three baby mamas look at the situation. A girl I used to go to high school with is 22 and pregnant with twins; her BD is also a guy that used to go to school with.

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This question was geared towards someone with multiple mothers. He introduced her as his fiancee.

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