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Dating a helicopter pilot, want to add to the discussion?

Point being, if you're with someone who has a certain life they want to live, with you basically being a supporting character in their life, or with specific career goals in a certain area, you're probably going to have a bad time.

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On the dating a helicopter pilot side, I've also seen non-pilot be treated like support staff. Do fighter pilots have fun?

Of course you do!

They’ve got guts.

The feeling of coming back to them keeps getting better and better. I dont know what to do with myself most of the time he is away and I get very low and when he comes back and says straight away — do you want the good news or the bad — it just winds me up.

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Love your blog, my airline pilot husband has even shared the 10 reason pilot wives rule. Ah yes, the ability to multitask. The timing has to be right for both of you, and the chemistry has to be there to sustain it.

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Sleeping in a hotel and living out of a bag isn't the most fun, but we are pilots and have a passion for what we do. I was married for a long time before losing my dear husband and not used to the behaviour this pilot exhibits — I was full of life to begin with until I began to notice he is always on his phone, texting and emailing — looks shifty at times — I have this feeling he is up to no good and I cant shake it off.

But if they built their experience in the civilian world - flight instructing or towing banners or something similar - they're just as new as the rest of the family and probably a bit clueless about the process themselves.

“I could never cope with a relationship with a pilot”

Thanks for stopping by! Military pilots face this situation to the extreme and, while it isn't easy by any means on their family, are still able to make it work. Having a great marriage is possible with an aviation career it just takes a lot of work so find someone worth working for.

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That may be true for dating, but not marriage. Having two incomes is badass.

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But it's an awful feeling to kiss my girl goodbye at in the morning, without her even noticing because she's still asleep, unsure if I will ever see her again, leaving the house that could be my home, driving along a completely empty highway to the airport, almost like no one wants to be awake at this dating a helicopter pilot of the night.

I am wondering whether I have to break up with the man i love. Please enter a valid email address. Weather here is pretty bad where we live.

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Honesty is the best policy. You have every right to want openness and total honesty, and not to just blindly trust someone. After training, a pilot's time home is often brief, and then they'll be off to their reserve location, which means that they have to live near the airport in case they are called upon to fly. Not in this situation yet, but I got some sage advice from an old chief pilot who used to be a World Airways captain.

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Airline Pilots Sound Off

If you have success with a relationship, then you are with a rare and evolved man. We appreciate you sticking around more than you know. I moved on through adolescence, in love with the air bases I lived on. SW Regional Publications and the staff neither assume any responsibilty for the accuracy of this publication's content nor any liability arising out of it.

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Thank you for putting it out there and so eloquently. I love my job, I love flying and I love 9gag russian dating website. Will be leaving a 25 year career so big change for me.

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He kept going on about loving my wit, my body, wanted to stay another night, but got sent no teeth dating. I'm still not sure. I'm pretty senior at my regional airline I knew from the beginning, that it was going to be hard to even think of the possibility of making this work, but after this week, and a three and a half hour long conversation over drinks, and getting to know one another, I feel like we are connecting so well.