Are jennice and kelley still dating Below Deck: What Does Kelley Really Think About His Relationship with Jennice?

Are jennice and kelley still dating

We're as likely to find out how that photo really got leaked as we are at finding out who spread the rumor that Jennice wanted Kelley to move in with her.

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I stuck my foot in my mouth on the reunion. Nobody eats clam, I mean, scallop, on my watch I love it when Andy is a catty queen.

Yes, that is what I have decided to call them whether or not they are still an item. Also Jennice looked really pretty.

Kelley May Have Been Promoted

Probably yes as far as romance is concerned, but Kelley didn't count out the possibility of he and Jennice striking up a friendship once again. Humping for next season… MisRed thinks. More shirtless posts from Kelley.

Get Updates Facebook Twitter. I guess you don't really need a LinkedIn if you're working on yachts, because it's a pretty small industry, and with so much time spent at sea, there's barely time to update Facebook anyway. I think we all have some burning questions for this pair, and these are my most pressing queries that the duo better answer in these post-season shows.

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Lee says it was nice to see Kat focused on her work and not on her partying and he was proud of her. Below DeckRecaps. Kate says that she would work with Bumpit again… and Bumpit says the same.

Lee says he would work with all of them again, but Kelley would need to step it up.

Before They Went 'Below Deck'

The opposite of that actually happened. I didn't mean to, but when you're heated at the time, sometimes you just do faux pas.

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Kelley and Jennice places to hook up at disneyland it out. Poor Jennice, when she chimed in with her little pillow-splooges-are-none-of-our-business speech, I just wanted her to shut it.

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He seems to have a are jennice and kelley still dating sense of humor about returning, but it must be weird to relive the season. You May Also Like It was getting late and there had already been way too much Andy Cohen. Is it just me or was this the most boring Reunion ever?!?!

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Do you think Captain Lee was too hard on Kelley? Luckily, Bravo understands our frustration and need for up-to-date deets on Jelley.

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So would they want to go on another love cruise and work together again? Andy says that Lee gave them all pacifiers because he thinks they are all babies. Jennice accused Kelley of encouraging bullying comments about her online, while Kelley argued that he defended her against comments saying that she was "too ugly" to be with him.