Amx cdc matchmaking Amx cdc matchmaking

Amx cdc matchmaking

That's quite a loot.

Neither will really brawl, neither can camo snipe, both play like fast render distance shooters, the CDC is just better at it. I was referring to the mediums. Search Advanced Search section: It's actually my favourite hero tank. Why are you using a matchmaking URL? This means that trading shots or dueling tanks is extremely risky at matchmaking.

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Do you think it needs a buff? I got mine for free so I can't complain much, but I'd have personally told you to save your gold.

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Plus she is pretty sexy looking. Very strong in the mid to late game on open maps.

The CDC was just too fast to accurately hit things on the move while the 50t was slow enough where I could reliably hit on the move. Just wondering if the FCM can be played to some aggression or something. This tank should play only to tier If that tank as hp and weight less than the Super P, out come it has worse terrain resistance?

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Yes, it probably deserves a buff. Need to play smart.

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They add a tank because they want to stop pref mm More penetration on the move? Back to French Vehicles.

It's actually a pleasure to grind credits in it now! They basically took the Dracula, nerfed its mobility, aim time and ability to fire on the move, changed the model of the tank, gave it more pen on standard ammo, took away the fast repair super ability and bumped it up to tier 8.

But against tier 10 tanks, im not able to do anything.

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The nearest equivalent to me is the Ru FCM 50 3 votes [ I never played the Leo that everyone compares it too so I guess I'm still getting used to it. I think in just half decent games not top 5 I still average a high amount of credits.

Latest Video by Again, T Prototype WR graphs prove my point, look them up if you want. I think it needs small buffs to speed and dpm.

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T Prototype is in no way underpowered at all, and it's graphs show that if anything, it needs a nerf because it is overperforming. HolyFetusChrist 5 Posted 30 March - And T34 beats them both by a vast margin, nearly twice as much games as IS I thought long and hard about a CDC but lack of pref MM turned me off, but I have 3 x pref 8's already so little need for more credit grinders.

None of these tanks are outright atrocious. Idk if the test server is up but get on there quick if it is to try the FCM out at least.