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It's your relationship and you have already decided to be with him but remember he could be the most amazing guy in the world but all we see is a grown man with a teenager and that's scary for us. Last edited by XiuXiu; at When beginning the relationship we ensured that all of these important things lined up before we even allowed ourselves to fall in love.


More questions like this. I don't know a single 16 year old who can actually claim to be a mature adult - and I know a LOT of 16 year olds because I teach high school.

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Follow 12 I have every right to say whatever I want to about your life However it is of course dating and you would put guidelines onto the table that dating people is okay: I started doing high school courses online when I was 12, and was finished by the time I was almost We all change and grow, all through our lives.

Any content that is deemed sexist, racist, transphobic, homophobic, classist, ableist, or intolerant of certain religions will be removed and the user banned. It is a little strange, in my opinion, almost like you're dating one of your teachers.

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The decision to be with him is her own though, and no one should give a shit about what she decides. We have been together 11 months now. In the next 4 years, between now and when you are 20, you will go through MAJOR changes in your maturity and thinking, as well as many other things.

Lots of adults end up in awful, unhealthy relationships. Is it ok for a 28 year old man to date a 20 year old woman?

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It is more likely south african sugar mummy dating sites you have such a large age difference or if you are a teen romance.

I've always thought I couldn't get better. Well, statistics are science.

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